NİLÜFER is an ideal choice for those who want to highlight the elegance in their stores with its aesthetic design. It is designed for packaged meat, milk, delicatessen, fruit/vegetable and beverage products. Thanks to different color, height and size options, you can create the design you need in your stores and, depending on your wishes, you can set up wall aisles with gondola head modules.
Thanks to the frameless single glass door model, it provides efficiency throughout the day in energy consumption and maximizes the visibility of the products on display.

• The products offered in the Nilüfer model, which offers a wide display area thanks to its low base, are also easily accessible.

• It provides low energy consumption all night long in models with night curtains, and all day long in models with cover.

• It offers convenience in product placement and presentation thanks to its shelves that can be adjusted up-down and angled.

• Side panels; It can be applied as double-glazed, mirrored or closed.

• Thanks to the optional under-shelf lighting, you can show your products more vividly.


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