In the Gardenya model, which has been carefully designed for the display of delicatessen, meat and various packaged products; wide stainless display area, rich color options, easy cleaning, product loading and service capabilities offer great ergonomics. The inner and outer oval turns with spherical securite glass provide an excellent display area that attracts attention in your store. With its ergonomics and elegance, it stands out as a great option for supermarkets, hypermarkets and elite butcher shops.

• Thanks to its adjustable stainless display surface, it provides optional display and longevity.

• It offers easy cleaning thanks to the spherical securite glasses that can be opened upwards.

• Fan or static cooling can be applied optionally.

• In the statically cooled model designed for fresh meat products, since there is no air circulation inside, your meat is prevented from drying out and it is offered to the final consumer in its freshest form.

• Thanks to the sub-storage option, it allows you to store large quantities of products just below the products you display.

• Thanks to the half glass option, self-service is provided according to your request.


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