Sardunya model, designed for the display of delicatessen, meat, fish and various packaged products; Due to its vertical glass, it allows the products displayed inside to be seen easily. It stands out as an elegant choice for those who want to make a difference in their stores with its wide stainless display area, easy product loading and functionality in terms of cleaning, rich color options for the front and side panels or alternative wood coating, as well as various accessories.

• Thanks to the half glass option, self-service is provided according to your request.

• Thanks to its adjustable stainless display surface, it provides optional display and longevity.

• It offers easy cleaning thanks to the securite glasses that can be opened upwards.

• Fan or static cooling can be applied according to your request.

• In the statically cooled model designed for fresh meat products, since there is no air circulation inside, your meat is prevented from drying out and it is offered to the final consumer in its freshest form.

• Thanks to the fan air circulation under the windshield, the formation of fogging on the windows of your cabinet is prevented.

• Thanks to the sub-storage option, it allows you to store large quantities of products just below the products you display.


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